Funter 2

Funter is a freeware Mac utility that can show and hide hidden and system files in Mac OS X Finder.

Funter is a freeware Mac app to show, find and operate hidden files on Mac.

It is light and simple to use application.

Funter is helpful when you need to discover your files deep, to be sure all stuff you see.

Funter can be launched at system startup, and its attractive icon will be always at your fingertips on the system menu bar. This utility makes it quick and easy to operate hidden files Mac.

You can find hidden files, switch hidden files visibility in Finder, hide files, copy, move or remove them. This utility makes it quick and easy to switch between default and visible stuff on your Mac.

Funter is targeted for all Mac users who are looking for simplest way to find the invisible files on Mac.

Use Funter for:

Show hidden files on Mac

Search hidden files on Mac

Search files in hidden and system folders

Search files in packages and bundles

Hide your files

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Funter 2

User reviews about Funter

  • by Anonymous

    Shows Hidden Files … and Ads!.
    PRO: Does what it says. CON: Frequently shows ads about other software products ...   More